Special Interest Tours

Special Interest Tours

Tetrapylon’s special interest tours division always goes the extra mile.

Our staff has years of experience in searching the Arabian Peninsula and the Levant for the most captivating experiences, and have partnered with Museums, Alumni groups, Societies and Sporting clubs.

We have developed the contacts and mapped out ideas that will appeal to a wide range special interest groups. Whether your client’s interests lie in Fine Art, Photography, Desert Adventure, Gastronomy or Textiles and more… we will assist you to plan, enable and deliver.

Our personalised ground services are white labelled for you. Having a single point of contact across our destinations ensures consistency of standards and delivery.

Examples of special interest tours include:

  • Art in the Emirates (Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi)
  • Lawrence in Arabia (Jordan and Saudi)
  • 4x4 Desert Adventure (Saudi)
  • Gastronomic Indulgence (Beirut)
  • Tracing the Incense Route (Oman)
  • Geopolitics Tour (West Bank)
  • Moses: Tracing the Exodus (Saudi Arabia & Jordan)

Our Core Strengths:

  • 50 years of experience
  • White labelled ground services
  • Network of in-country offices
  • In-depth destination knowledge
  • One point of contact for your needs
  • Creative & innovative ideas
  • Opening closed doors
  • Quality personal service

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